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We are the San Diego computer repair specialists. From virus removal to network setup & data recovery we are IT experts. Questions? Call us: (858) 345-7152

San Diego Computer Repair Services

At Digital Doctors we make sure that your computer & network are running at an optimal level. We offer many different services ranging from both hardware to software solutions. We proudly serve the greater San Diego area. Call 858-345-7152 for a free estimate today! We are committed to providing you with a consistently high level of service & we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services.


Emergency Repair Service - Available 24 Hours a Day!

$79 for the first hour, then $60 each additional hour (7am-7pm), $129 for the first hour, then $60 each additional hour (7pm-7am)

If you are having a computer or network related problem that requires immediate attention we can have one of our expert repair technicians at your home or office within 4-hours. To schedule an emergency repair service call us at (858) 345-7152.


Virus & Spyware Removal - $99

We can get your system running free of all virus & spyware software.

If your computer is performing sluggishly it may be due to viruses and/or spyware that has infected your system. Spyware and viruses can give hackers access to your financial information, lead to data loss, and even cause complete system failure


Password Cracking - $50

Forgot your password? Our technicians can quickly provide you with access to your computer system.

Our technicians are fully trained on the latest Mac and PC password reset techniques. If you've forgotten the password on your old computer then give us a call and we will help you get back to your important data.


Data Backup Plan or Data Recovery - $49

Our skilled technicians can assist you in backing up, transferring, and restoring your important data.

Are your pictures and documents backed up? Data loss can be devastating and extremely costly to recover from. Let us set you up with a good back up plan to prevent loss. We can also recover data from a computer that will not start. Add data transfer for $20


Network Setup & Maintenance - $79

Our technicians are network specialists with the expertise required to setup & secure your network.

From wireless home-office to multi-scale corporate solutions, we are expert network technicians and we are ready to setup, secure & optimize your network application. Our network technicians are available for a wide range of services ranging from setup, repair, mainitenance, & consultation.


Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting - $59

Our hardware technicians have the expertise required to setup & repair your computer for optimum performance.

From hardware installation, repair & replacement to printer setup & data transfer our technicians are available for a wide range of projects ranging from internal system upgrades to complete hardware failure.


Software Installation & Troubleshooting - $59

Our software technicians have the expertise required to properly install or repair software on your computer.

If your computer is performing poorly it may not be due to a virus, but instead to clutter & lack of proper maintenance. From software installation & repair to performance optimization services our software technicians will have your computer running at a peak level. *Software installation does not include Operating System.


Operating System Installation & Repair - $79

Our software technicians have the expertise required to setup or repair your computer's operating system.

When you install, re-install or upgrade your operating system it is important to be aware of compatibility issues and many other problems that might affect system performance. Our technicians are qualified to properly install, upgrade & secure your operating system.


Custom Tutorial - $40/hr

(1 hour minimum, charged in hour increments)

Random questions? Make a list of questions and let us guide you through them. From beginners to expert users, we all need some help once in a while. Our computer experts can help you with even the most complicated computer questions. Our experts will make sure that you learn the techniques and understand why they work.


Custom Tweak - $49

Computers tend to slow down over time. Let us reverse the process.

The same way that your car needs an oil change every so often to maintain the performance and reliability, your computer requires a similar maintenance. Our technicians can optimize your computer's performance using a variety of specialized techniques.


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